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Fully managed IP MPLS private networks with QoS

Full Managed IP MPLS Private Networks with QoS

FIbrenoire’s fully managed IP MPLS private network with QoS offers the possibility of connecting all the company’s sites to a single IP network, allowing data, voice and video convergence. Fibrenoire’s IP MPLS service is ideal for companies seeking to:

  • Interconnect all their sites on a homogeneous IP private network with flexible bandwidth.

  • Route different types of traffic, such as voice and data, on a single IP private network.

  • Entrust the service provider with the responsibility for management of the network and termination equipments.

If your company has several operating sites, it needs to communicate through a network using a robust and proven technology.

Advantages of the service

Simplification of network management and optimization of costs

Fibrenoire’s IP MPLS service is a fully managed service, meaning that we take charge of configuration, rollout and maintenance of the termination equipment installed at our clients. Our network adapts to the IP address scheme in place within our clients’ LANs, allowing a simple transition to a multisite IP private network. The equipment is part of our demartcation point; this means it is covered by our SLAs and supplied by Fibrenoire, reducing initial equipment acquisition costs (CAPEX).

A robust and redundant network

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technology is ideal for the implementation of the IP private network, because it allows contextual virtualization of a routing table specific to each client environment and differentiation of the types of traffic circulating on the network. For example, the packets identified as voice can be prioritized over any other types of data. Our MPLS routers are redundant and connected to each other by diverse fiber optic paths, creating a robust, redundant, high-availability network.

A network allowing Quality of Service (QoS)

In a world where data, voice and video are converging on IP, it is important to ensure that each type of traffic circulating on the network is prioritized accordingly. Fibrenoire’s fully managed IP MPLS private network service allows prioritization of voice, data sensitive to network performance or any other traffic.

Technological aspects of the IP MPLS service

  • Fiber optic access from 10Mbps to 1Gbps full-duplex.

  • IP MPLS network based on a Cisco Carrier Ethernet platform of the Cisco IP Next Generation Network (IP NGN) architecture.

  • 4 QoS class available; Realtime, Mission Critical, Best Effort and Less than Best Effort

  • Simplified billing according to access capacity and not according to QoS used on the network.

  • SLAs on fiber optic access, the IP MPLS network and the demarcation equipments.

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Our customers

« Thanks to our custom built fiber loop, we have dramatically improved our network performance.»

David Lagacé
Analyste de réseau sénior

« Fibre Noire understood our business needs right from the get-go. They proposed us something that fit exactly our needs, and they made sure all our IP-based services would benefit from it by doing the proper follow-ups after the installation.»

Frédéric Lemieux
Directeur technologies web

« It’s a pleasure to do business with a credible, qualified company who, most importantly, remembers the importance of customer service.»

Jean Morin
Analyste Senior en TI